Smells like Old Leather

If you’ve ever spent any time around classic cars, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. They have a very distinct smell. Like old leather, years of love and life, miles and miles under the tires, mixed with the pungent smell of diesel. They cough and choke smoke and you can hear every cylinder firing when the engine cranks up. Read More…


Look Ma! We’re on TV!

I’m sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings, which is mostly empty, in Ithaca New York, with one of our Lamborghini Super Trofeo drivers. We plead with the bar man to turn the tv to CBS Sports for us. It’s 9pm and there is good tv to watch! The first national broadcast of a North American Lamborghini Super Trofeo race is on live tv for the world to see! We sat in our seats eating dinner, watching a first class broadcast that made an exciting race look even more exciting with excellent commentary and good story lines. This is truly awesome. But let me put it in perspective….. Read More…


An Old New One

I always enjoy going to a new race track. It’s like going to a popular restaurant; One you’ve heard lots about, but have never been to yourself. You know what’s on the menu. Long straights. Fast corners. Colorful guardrails. But it’s all new to me. I’ve stared at this hypothetical menu that Watkins Glen could dish up for years. I’ve raced it on various consoles and have watched the races on tv. But I’ve never seen it for myself. Read More…


The Competition

I’ve never understood photographers. And I’ve certainly never understood the big photo agencies. It’s like it’s a sin to look at a colleague’s work and say out loud in a public forum, “Wow. He did a nice job this weekend.” “Or that frame is kick ass and very unique.” Even more rare than rivals complimenting each other is public criticism. “You’re better than that” or “That wasn’t your best effort” are words you will never hear out loud or in writing. We live in a global society where political correctness is the only goal, criticism is frowned upon and participation medals are more important than giving a deserving winner a pat on the back and telling that person they bested the rest….that day anyway. Read More…

Magic in France

I will try to paint a picture with words for you. Then leave you with no words and just a lot of pictures to try and describe my week at Le Mans.

It’s 7:02 pm on Thursday afternoon, June 13. I have been holding onto my good friend and ace snapper, Camden Thasher’s waist for the last 20 minutes as we trundle out into the French countryside on a scooter. With a track this massive, that uses mostly public roads, you have to drive miles out of the way, to get to where you want. We finally arrive at our destination, a fast section of the track between Mulsanne corner and Indianapolis, known as “the kink”. The birds are chirping and the forest is alive around us. The tall pines are quietly blowing in the breeze as the 7pm qualifying session gets underway. Miles and miles away, the cars are rolling onto to the track. A slight buzzing sound turns to a ever louder roar as the field of 56 begins to work it’s way around the circuit. Then at over 200 miles per hour, one by one, the cars roar, scream, rumble and whisper past. Each blasting a different note into the French forest. It is amazing. I could stand there all day watching and listening. The speed they come past is truly staggering. There is nothing but a small armco and a forest at your back to protect you should the worst happen. It is magic. For 83 years, cars have run this race and it is like nothing else on Earth. Read More…


A Hero Comes Home

I was sitting on my couch watching the halftime show of the 2015 NFL Super Bowl. Anyone that’s a fan of car racing had been told to hold their breath for a massive announcement by Japanese manufacturer Nissan, and it’s future racing car. So there I waited. And then it came. A multi million dollar ad aired on primetime during the US’s biggest sporting event which officially announced what we all had heard rumors of, and gave us a first glimpse of a race car unlike we had seen before. Different in every way. Nissan was going back to Le Mans after 15 years absence with a wild and radical front wheel drive, front engined monster.  Read More…


Long Live Monaco

Monaco. It is a race that has to be seen to be believed. Even when the racing action is less than exhilarating, Monaco is a magical place to watch racing cars. Read More…


Back to School

Lamborghini Super Trofeo has had the world’s longest off-season. We ended 2014 in fantastic fashion at the famed Road Atlanta sports car course outside Atlanta Georgia in early October, then everyone went into hibernation. 7 long months later, the cars emerged again at Laguna Seca, California. But emerged this time, better than ever. Read More…


The Future

Formula E. Is it the future? Many would argue yes. A battery powered open wheel race car? Until recently, the technology wasn’t available to even consider such a racing series as a possibility. But now, in it’s first year as a series, Formula E is well and truly off the ground. Still with plenty of growing pains in both the cars, circuit and management side, it hasn’t been a total failure, but not a total success either.  Read More…


Formula 1 Dawn

I love winter testing. Not everyone does, but I do.

The long days allow for plenty of opportunities to make art with the new cars pounding around lap after lap after lap. You can learn so much about the cars, the drivers and the teams. It still boggles my mind that so many journalists keep their asses planted in the media center watching a live timing screen, and occasionally poking their head over the desk to see which car is coming in pitlane and what tire it is running on. Instead, no matter what the climate or weather conditions, I’d rather be trackside. Read More…

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