There is a first for everything. The 53rd Rolex 24 at Daytona was my first. My first time to the famed banked oval by the beach. My first 24 hour race. It was everything I thought it would be, and much more. More fun. More exciting. Definitely more exhausting. Read More…


All In

In a gambling mecca like Macau, “All In” is something you might hear fairly frequently at the casinos that line the streets of this “special administrative” region of China. Bet big, and there is the possibility you win big. But it’s also just as likely you lose big too. Read More…


Hallowed Walls

Macau. Where do I even begin?

I’ll let Red Bull’s F1 star Daniel Ricciardo do the talking. “I love street circuits and Macau is the ultimate street circuit. It’s big, it’s ballsy. It’s Monaco but twice the length and even crazier.” For those unfamiliar, Macau is a small “Special Administrative” region on the coast of china. Much like Hong Kong, Macau is not subject to the strict rules of mainland China. What you get is a sexy, Asian Las Vegas….and it just so happens to hold one wild street race.  Read More…


Championship Material

In my eyes and my mind, Formula One has already crowned it’s 2014 World Driver’s champion? “How so” you say? “We have 2 races to go” they argue, “and one them is double points!”

Let me elaborate. Read More…


Politics and Sport

I for one hate it. Politics and sport. It makes for good newspaper reading, but that’s about it. When you boil it down, I genuinely feel bad for all the athletes, past and present, that have been dragged into this long standing debate. This wasn’t the first or last time we will see these arguments made. But last week, the political Cold War started anew between familiar players. But on new battle lines. A race track. In Russia. Read More…


The Final Countdown

The end of the season. In 2013, we were all standing in an empty parking lot at Autoclub speedway in Fontana. Not exactly heaven on Earth. Fast forward 365 days, and there we were. Another parking lot. Except that parking lot was at Road Atlanta. My favorite race track in all of North America. The driver’s championship already locked up. The team championship was all that was left at stake. And it was down to the wire.  Read More…


Little Rolex

Petit Le Mans. It was only the third race I covered in my career way back in 2011. And to this very moment, it remains one of my favorite race weekends. I’ve gone far and wide across the globe, and keep coming back to Road Atlanta feeling unsatisfied, but loving every second standing next to this amazing circuit.  Read More…


Bright Lights and Fast Cars

Singapore’s Formula One Grand Prix is something special. 2013 was my first time attending. Not to wax poetic about it, but it will take your breath away. Especially if you can find some perspective over the track; The singapore flyer, or one of the many hotels that look over the circuit and skyline are good places to start. As the sun slowly sets over Asia, the thousand lights lining the circuit slowly start to overpower the natural ambient light, and the track comes to life before your eyes. Those fleeting moments that the sky is filled with purple and blues, and the Singapore skyline is a painting of neon lights, and the track becomes ever more defined with each passing second, is truly something special to witness.  Read More…


The Bar Fight at Monza

Ferrari. Monza. Tifosi.

These are names that echo with nouns that define the sport of Formula 1. For 63 years, Formula One has made Monza the temple of speed. The cathedral of fast, loud cars. The worship center for legions of fans who show up for the last hurrah of Formula One’s European calendar. As quickly as the circus shows up in Italy, it’s gone again. Off to far away Singapore. Read More…


GT Showdown at VIR

Who doesn’t love a proper GT sportscar show down?!? And VIR was a classic. Watching the race unfold around this undulating raceway was a joy to behold both audibly & visually. Each car belting a unique noise from it’s exhaust for several hours on Sunday afternoon. The final lap battle between Falken Porsche and Risi Competizione Ferrari was something really special, and reminds us all why, you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken…..

Personally, I cannot wait to be standing in the brisk fall air at Road Atlanta for 10 hours on Saturday afternoon in early October.   Read More…

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