Back to School

Lamborghini Super Trofeo has had the world’s longest off-season. We ended 2014 in fantastic fashion at the famed Road Atlanta sports car course outside Atlanta Georgia in early October, then everyone went into hibernation. 7 long months later, the cars emerged again at Laguna Seca, California. But emerged this time, better than ever. Read More…


The Future

Formula E. Is it the future? Many would argue yes. A battery powered open wheel race car? Until recently, the technology wasn’t available to even consider such a racing series as a possibility. But now, in it’s first year as a series, Formula E is well and truly off the ground. Still with plenty of growing pains in both the cars, circuit and management side, it hasn’t been a total failure, but not a total success either.  Read More…


Formula 1 Dawn

I love winter testing. Not everyone does, but I do.

The long days allow for plenty of opportunities to make art with the new cars pounding around lap after lap after lap. You can learn so much about the cars, the drivers and the teams. It still boggles my mind that so many journalists keep their asses planted in the media center watching a live timing screen, and occasionally poking their head over the desk to see which car is coming in pitlane and what tire it is running on. Instead, no matter what the climate or weather conditions, I’d rather be trackside. Read More…



There is a first for everything. The 53rd Rolex 24 at Daytona was my first. My first time to the famed banked oval by the beach. My first 24 hour race. It was everything I thought it would be, and much more. More fun. More exciting. Definitely more exhausting. Read More…


Long Overdue

Lewis Hamilton is a lot of things. Fast. Talented. Moody. Larger than life. Modern. A little bit gangster. A lot of personality. He is a character in Formula 1. In an age when F1 seems to be giving drives to people without personality, Lewis can be a breath of fresh air. Each day he walks through the paddock turnstile gates, you never know which Lewis you’ll get. The confident young guy eager to throw his car around as fast as he bloody can? Or an inward, seemingly emotionally unstable guy unsure of who and what he is at that moment in time. Read More…


All In

In a gambling mecca like Macau, “All In” is something you might hear fairly frequently at the casinos that line the streets of this “special administrative” region of China. Bet big, and there is the possibility you win big. But it’s also just as likely you lose big too. Read More…


Hallowed Walls

Macau. Where do I even begin?

I’ll let Red Bull’s F1 star Daniel Ricciardo do the talking. “I love street circuits and Macau is the ultimate street circuit. It’s big, it’s ballsy. It’s Monaco but twice the length and even crazier.” For those unfamiliar, Macau is a small “Special Administrative” region on the coast of china. Much like Hong Kong, Macau is not subject to the strict rules of mainland China. What you get is a sexy, Asian Las Vegas….and it just so happens to hold one wild street race.  Read More…


Championship Material

In my eyes and my mind, Formula One has already crowned it’s 2014 World Driver’s champion? “How so” you say? “We have 2 races to go” they argue, “and one them is double points!”

Let me elaborate. Read More…


Politics and Sport

I for one hate it. Politics and sport. It makes for good newspaper reading, but that’s about it. When you boil it down, I genuinely feel bad for all the athletes, past and present, that have been dragged into this long standing debate. This wasn’t the first or last time we will see these arguments made. But last week, the political Cold War started anew between familiar players. But on new battle lines. A race track. In Russia. Read More…


The Final Countdown

The end of the season. In 2013, we were all standing in an empty parking lot at Autoclub speedway in Fontana. Not exactly heaven on Earth. Fast forward 365 days, and there we were. Another parking lot. Except that parking lot was at Road Atlanta. My favorite race track in all of North America. The driver’s championship already locked up. The team championship was all that was left at stake. And it was down to the wire.  Read More…

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