The Gathering

From around the world they came. Lamborghini’s of all different colors, piloted by drivers of many different nationalities, running for teams based across Planet Earth, but all came with one goal in mind: A World Championship in their respective class. The ring that was chosen for this titanic showdown of charging bulls? None other than America’s infamous concrete slabbed behemoth of Sebring International Raceway. 66 bulls in all took to the track. Far fewer than that came out of the weekend unscathed. To race at Sebring means you have to race the track as much as you do the other competitors. Read More…


A Weekend With the World Champions

I’ll be honest. Formula 1 cars no longer excite my senses. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the sport. But it’s been a few years since I stood at a corner and had my mouth hanging on the floor watching them dance noisily past an apex with the throttle open and screaming, while the hair on the back of your neck stands at attention. Sportscars however, and in particular the LMP1 class, are something to behold. Read More…


It’s The Little Teams That Matter

The reason we watch F1 is to see the battle at the front. The world’s best drivers and teams throwing all their weight and resources to get a Grand Prix victory, and earn those points that might lead them to a world championship at the end of the year. But the real fight in F1 happens from third through tenth. And occasionally, on a special day, sometimes we get to see a team that doesn’t normally see much time at the front of the field, contending for a podium.  Read More…


Second Last

The Super Trofeo season is winding down. Of the six tracks Lamborghini visits in North America, this may be one of the most challenging. Road Atlanta is unforgiving, fast and has no runoff. It’s a “driver’s track”; And it’s one of my favorites.

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When it Rains, It Pours

Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta is well known for being one of my favorite races on the IMSA sportscar calendar. It’s a great length for a race. 10 hours is not too long, and not too short. Not to mention October is a gorgeous time to be racing in the southeastern United States. The trees are changing, the air is crisp and the sun fills the track in vibrant light and color.

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Feeling the Heat

Lamborghini’s world class one make series arrived for it’s first time at Circuit of the Americas and immediately brought the heat. Literally and figuratively. It was hotter than the surface of the sun out there. So hot that one of the drivers even collapsed following our first race of the weekend on Thursday evening. The tremendous temperatures and humidity had us all running for shade whenever we could. Read More…


The Perfect Kardashian

Are you a Lewis Hamilton fan? If so, why? What is it about his personality that you love? Those of us that wander the paddock with F1’s “megastar” are divided in our thoughts about him. Maybe it’s just the photographers. We mean nothing to the newly blonde king of cool. I’ve heard stories from journalists about how nice he is. He notices new shoes, new jewelry, new hair styles, a new pen. It sounds like they’re describing a different person to the one we point our lenses at. Ask the photographers what we think, and we all have the same interpretation. When he walks in in the morning, he dips his head, looks straight down at the ground and will generally avoid us at all costs. And this happens week in and week out. But then he steals images from us, and posts them as his own. Oh the hypocrisy. “I dislike you, but I need you.”  Read More…


Smells like Old Leather

If you’ve ever spent any time around classic cars, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. They have a very distinct smell. Like old leather, years of love and life, miles and miles under the tires, mixed with the pungent smell of diesel. They cough and choke smoke and you can hear every cylinder firing when the engine cranks up. Read More…


Look Ma! We’re on TV!

I’m sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings, which is mostly empty, in Ithaca New York, with one of our Lamborghini Super Trofeo drivers. We plead with the bar man to turn the tv to CBS Sports for us. It’s 9pm and there is good tv to watch! The first national broadcast of a North American Lamborghini Super Trofeo race is on live tv for the world to see! We sat in our seats eating dinner, watching a first class broadcast that made an exciting race look even more exciting with excellent commentary and good story lines. This is truly awesome. But let me put it in perspective….. Read More…


An Old New One

I always enjoy going to a new race track. It’s like going to a popular restaurant; One you’ve heard lots about, but have never been to yourself. You know what’s on the menu. Long straights. Fast corners. Colorful guardrails. But it’s all new to me. I’ve stared at this hypothetical menu that Watkins Glen could dish up for years. I’ve raced it on various consoles and have watched the races on tv. But I’ve never seen it for myself. Read More…

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