August 6, 2010

Caution: Race Horses.

By Jamey Price In Recent Work, Equine

I started riding out for George Moore, a jump trainer based in Middleham North Yorkshire England last week. My first day on the job, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I needed to bring my camera one morning.

The whole racing lifestyle is TOTALLY different on this side of the pond. Like most trainers based in Middleham, the barn (known as the ‘yard’) sits smack in the middle of town. George has 35 horses or so in training at the moment so we take them out for a gallop on the moor every morning. But to get to the gallops on the moor, we have to walk through the middle of Middleham. Which is fine by me because you see something different every single day. The elderly people generally give us a wave as we jog through town at 7am. We pass three pubs, a castle that King Richard III called home, a fish and chips shop, sheep pastures and endless stone walls on the ride up to the gallops.

Once we get to the gallops, we’ll ride off up the hill single file. The gallop climbs steadily for 7 furlongs before we pull up at the top and take a nice long walk home. Normally at home, we would gallop slower for much farther, but because the hill is so steep, the horses finish up blowing quite hard.

Anyway, I digress. Enjoy the photos. I am a lucky man for getting to see this and experience this in person. I wish I could share the sights sounds and smells. But the sights will have to do for now.

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