November 15, 2018

Easily To Pass300-080 820-424 640-692 200-601 Questions And Answers Pdf

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The villagers had long planned to escape, and the wheat was dried up in the fields, and the mountains and mountains became wild and wild. The dry colors of the world forced the hopes of the crops in the sun and the moon to dry up. When bitterness came to the autumn, suddenly there was a rain cloud in the sky, and there was a sound of knocking on the village street, calling for a kind of autumn–the autumn was born–the old days let us grow autumn–the old people call The children call, the man calls, the woman calls, the voice is as pleasing as the soul, the river likes to converge on the village street, from the east to the west, from the west to the east, and then from the village to the mountain on.
  An autumn.
  - Kind of autumn.
  - It is raining for us to let us grow autumn.
  The old, young, and sticky voices smashed the entire mountain. 300-080The already-falling sparrow, Leng Dinger, was shocked to fly in the sky and flutter down like a snowflake. Both the chicken and the pig were squatting at the door el, and the face was thick and stiff. The cow squatting on the bullpen stalk suddenly broke away from the reins, the bovine nose broke, and the black-black blood flowed a trough. All the cats and dogs climbed to the roof and looked at the villagers with horror.
  The clouds were densely covered for three days.
  During the three days, Liujiatun Village, Wujiahe Village, Qianliang Village, Houliang Village, and Maji Village, all the monks took out the preserved jade seeds and planted the autumn crops in the land before the rain. .
  After three days, the dark clouds were scattered. The hot sun burned on the mountain ridge as hot as ever.
  Half a month later, some villagers locked the door and the courtyard door, and took the luggage to escape the drought.
  The people who fled with the disaster in the three dynasties and two days, like the ants moving up, the group of stocks, day and night from the village behind the Liang Road to the outside world, footsteps mixed, headlessly passed to the village , 砰砰啪啪 beat on the doors and windows of each house.
  The prince fled with the last villagers. On the 19th day of the lunar calendar, he walked in the middle of dozens of villagers. Where did the villagers go? He said to the east. The villagers said, Where is the East? He said that Zhengdong is Xuzhou, and it took only three or fifty days to arrive. 820-424The people there have a good life. People go east. The sun shines on the Liang Road, and the smoke under the feet rises and falls. However, when it was eight and a half miles, the first master did not leave. The lord finally went to his home to urinate in the urine. When he came back, he said to the villagers, let’s go, always east.
  - Hey?
  - A jade seedling emerged from my home.
  - Can you block you from starving? Grandpa.
  - I am seventy-two. It is too exhausting to go for three days. Both sides are dead, I want to die in the village.
  The village people are gone. A group of black from near to far, like a smoke that slowly disappears under the scorching sun. The first man stood on his own field, waiting for his eyes to look empty, and he fell silently and slammed into his heart. 640-692At that moment, he trembled and woke up to a village. Only one 72-year-old man was left in a mountain. His heart suddenly slammed into the air, and the silence and desolateness were rooted in the late autumn like a sudden fall.
  On this day, when the Dongshan Mountain turned from golden to red, the prince and the dog went to the top of the road in the middle of the day. He always saw the center of this one-acre three-point land. The jade seedlings, which had already been chopped up in chopsticks, were green and green like a spout of water in the brown-brown daylight. Did you smell it? He turned to ask the blind dog, saying that it is so sweet, you can smell the fresh and tender seedlings in the water. The blind dog raised his head and glared at his leg, and ran to the seedling without saying a word.
  In front of it is a deep ditch, the ditch is full of heat, which always comes up to burn the face of the prince. The prince took off a white blouse that he only wore, smashed it into a ball and wiped it on his face. He smelled a three-foot-five-thick layer of smelly sweat. How good the fertilizer is, the first man thought, wait for this jade for another half a month, then wash the cloth, take the laundry water from the village end, let the jade eat the same as the New Year. The prince put the blouse preciously under his arm. The jade came to his eyes, a high, four leaves, did not separate a leaf bud he imagined. Looked at the top of the jade, and put the above
  A few stars of dust and dust smashed, 200-601and the loss of the first lord’s heart was soaked in the upper body.
  The dog squatted on the first leg, turned around a jade seedling, and turned around a circle. The prince said that the scorpion, you turn a little farther. The dog stood still, screaming like a green turban, and looked up at the prince, as if there was something urgent to do. www.7wenxue.comwWw:xiabook. Com

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