December 30, 2014

Hallowed Walls

By Jamey Price In Recent Work

Macau. Where do I even begin?

I’ll let Red Bull’s F1 star Daniel Ricciardo do the talking. “I love street circuits and Macau is the ultimate street circuit. It’s big, it’s ballsy. It’s Monaco but twice the length and even crazier.” For those unfamiliar, Macau is a small “Special Administrative” region on the coast of china. Much like Hong Kong, Macau is not subject to the strict rules of mainland China. What you get is a sexy, Asian Las Vegas….and it just so happens to hold one wild street race. 

Infamous yellow and black steel armco barriers. A very long straight. The tightest hairpin in all the world. All on a track that at it’s narrowest is barely a city lane and a half wide. It’s pure insanity to race on your own, much less with 30 other guys fighting for the same piece of real estate. Macau’s Guia circuit is a graveyard for carbon fiber wings. But over the decades it’s been running, has become the place to stamp your name if you’re a young man or woman looking to make it big in the racing world. Prove your speed, your tact, your patience, your skill, and with a healthy dose of luck, you might just join some ranks that include names like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. The winners and entry list of the Macau GP over the years reads very much like the who’s who in car racing.

In fact, I’ll stop trying to describe this wild weekend of racing, and just share some images.

THANK YOU to Drew, Nikki, Mel, Russ, the Macau Government and all the friendly staff who made it such an enjoyable weekend to chase race cars with a camera.

JPrice_Macau14-5513 JPrice_Macau14-5525 JPrice_Macau14-5832 JPrice_Macau14-6837 JPrice_Macau14-5395 JPrice_Macau14-5397 JPrice_Macau14-5444 JPrice_Macau14-5455JPrice_Macau14-5230 JPrice_Macau14-5161JPrice_Macau14-0622 JPrice_Macau14-6995 JPrice_Macau14-7025JPrice_Macau14-7160 JPrice_Macau14-7940JPrice_Macau14-7274 JPrice_Macau14-7516 JPrice_Macau14-8030 JPrice_Macau14-7147 JPrice_Macau14-8156 JPrice_Macau14-8656JPrice_Macau14-9775 JPrice_Macau14-9372 JPrice_Macau14-9938 JPrice_Macau14-9066 JPrice_Macau14-8801JPrice_Macau14-8673JPrice_Macau14-9310 JPrice_Macau14-8977 JPrice_Macau14-8156 JPrice_Macau14-0047 JPrice_Macau14-0091 JPrice_Macau14-0752 JPrice_Macau14-1919JPrice_Macau14-1844JPrice_Macau14-0095JPrice_Macau14-9712 JPrice_Macau14-0525 JPrice_Macau14-3562JPrice_Macau14-2642 JPrice_Macau14-2657JPrice_Macau14-3776JPrice_Macau14-3828 JPrice_Macau14-2854

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