March 27, 2012

Miracle on the Hudson

By Jamey Price In Recent Work

This is Ben Bostic. And that is USAir Flight 1549 behind him. You might know their story as “the Miracle on the Hudson.”

Ben was a passenger that day when the USAir jet, which was bound for Charlotte NC, flew directly into a flock of Canadian Geese (evil creatures at best) shortly after takeoff and crashed into the Hudson river. Amazingly, and in large part to Captain Sullenberger’s flying skill and experience, all the flight crew and passengers aboard were more or less unharmed and the plane was salvaged and pulled from the river.

After a complicated story of being put up for sale on ebay, offered to museums and even as offered as scrap metal, it eventually wound up back home in Charlotte in the Aviation Museum near Charlotte Douglas Airport. It may have taken a while, but Flight 1549 finally made it to it’s destination.

Ben’s story is pretty incredible, and after talking with him at length, you really realize that though this kind of situation is not something any of us would ever choose to go through, there is little point in wasting our lives hiding from all the things that could hurt us. Ben, and many of the other passengers from that flight, actually took ANOTHER flight to their final destinations that very same day! If you fall off the horse, you have to get right back on it.

This photo and an accompanying interview ran in South Park Magazine in the April 2012 issue. 




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